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Letter of Gratitude for Knoxville, TN Real Estate Finance Group’s 15 Year Anniversary

As we celebrate our fifteen year anniversary on June 1, 2016, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who are part of our community at Real Estate Finance Group for your dedicated support. It is your courage, your commitment, and your belief in the Vision of Real Estate Finance Group that has made this possible.

Real Estate Finance Group was borne out of my deep commitment to serving the mortgage industry at every level possible. After experiencing the limitations of the traditional bank model, I was passionate about creating a Wholesale Mortgage channel for all clients, without compromising my expertise as a traditionally trained Mortgage Banker. The vision of Real Estate Finance Group is based on Honesty, Integrity, and Experience which our society is in deep need of today.

In the past fifteen years, much has transformed, grown and evolved at Real Estate Finance Group. We have established ourselves as a model of Mortgage Lending that is cost effective, commitment to excellence centered. I am an integrative Mortgage Broker that has established a new norm for mortgage lending and incorporates all of the above. With your support I pride myself on working with the most ethical and accomplished Realtors, Title Companies, and Lenders in Knoxville and nationwide.

Thank you all for your support, your confidence, and your commitment to what is real.

Warmest Regards,

Neal Bailes