Deciding Where to Go For Your Next Home Loan?
We’re licensed Mortgage Professionals, and home to so much more that what big banks offer.
* Lower rates and cheaper costs.
* Partnership with hundreds of lenders to shop for your best deal.
* Multiple loan products to choose from, not just two or three.
* Closing in 30 days or less.
* Specialize in mortgages and refis.

Why Choose REFG?
* Experience – Proven Industry Leader with over one billion dollars in loans closed.
* Integrity – My Professional referral network includes some of the most accomplished professionals in their professions.
* Honesty – I have always been a goodwill ambassador for the industry with honesty.

For your next home loan, work with someone who works on your behalf. Come home to the experts.

Price Fairness
Some companies claim to have the lowest rates. Others promise to have the lowest (or no) closing costs or fees. The problem with both of these is that it is all tied together. There are costs associated with documentation and closing, just as there are costs with borrowing money. More often than not, if a company claims to be the lowest in one, they’ve raised the other to make up for it. This is a game we won’t play. We don’t post rates and don’t promise to have the lowest anything. We will promise that your rates and fees will be fair, competitive in the market and that you will understand each cost and how it was determined.

Real Estate Finance Group is a locally owned and operated Full Service Mortgage company offering Conventional Loans, Jumbo Loans, FHA Loans, USDA (Rural Housing) Loans. Fixed Rates or Adjustable Rates are available. REFG is NOT a retail mortgage provider or a “net branch”, we are fully owned and operated based out of Knoxville, TN. Mortgage Broker Owners have achieved a strict list of minimum requirements that the majority of basic mortgage loan officers have not achieved, giving them elite status over a “basic” mortgage loan officer who is employed by a retail mortgage company, or a “net branch” or joint business venture (affiliated business arrangement).Minimum requirements include education, testing, net worth, responsible credit history, finger printing, and a criminal background investigation.

My network includes some of the most accomplished Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, and Title Professionals in the Knoxville, TN area. I believe in referral business based on reputation, integrity and knowledge of the industry, NOT by getting paid or profiting based on a referral. I will gladly refer you to my network of the most accomplished real estate professionals including Real Estate Agents, Title Professionals, and Insurance Professionals.

As President of Real Estate Finance Group I truly care about your experience, choosing the right mortgage lender is a big decision. Many loan officers have been left behind and or have had to leave the industry because of unethical lending practices. I have always maintained a high level of integrity and been a good will ambassador for the mortgage industry.